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Adam Rabjerg
Adam Rabjerg
Adam is a Linux trainer and consultant and has been with B1 Systems since 2017. His topics include automation and configuration management, version control, hard-/software security as well as digital curiosities. At daytime he works as a sysadmin fixing problems and automating anything he can, at night he enjoys the “Maker” life with 3d-design, 3d-printing, PCB-design, micro soldering and more.


Artikel von Adam Rabjerg

Why 2130706433 is a valid IP-Address

17.10.2023 | Adam Rabjerg in security

and so is 0x7F000001

We all know and are used to write IP addresses in “dot-notation” four octets 0-255, separated by a dot, simple and beautiful – that is how it has always been done and how it should be done.

Some might know that you can shorten dot-notation, and just leave out any zeroes, so becomes 127.1, but there are other ways to write an IP address, like 2130706433 or 0x7F000001.

Should you do it? … No! Can you do it? … Yes!

Let’s have some fun!

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