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Let's play the cluster game

10.02.2021 | Tim Schmeling in howto

We reached the end of a three-part series on installing, configuring and handling a loadbalancer in front of two webservers. We already looked at haproxy [1], including installation and configuration, as well as the installation and configuration of a cluster based on pacemaker/corosync [2].

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Clustering made easy with pacemaker/corosync

27.01.2021 | Tim Schmeling in howto

In the first part of this series, you learned how to set up your webservers and the loadbalancer. Now, let’s move on with how to plan, build and configure a cluster with high availability.

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Loadbalancing made easy with haproxy

13.01.2021 | Tim Schmeling in howto

This is the start of a three-part series showing you how to install, configure and handle a loadbalancer in front of two webservers. We will also learn how to integrate a cluster taking ownership of the components running on each node.

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Accessing Java Web Start based Server Remote Boards using Firefox

30.09.2020 | Uwe Grawert in howto

Accessing most server remote boards requires the browser to support Java, also known as Java Web Start (JWS). Unfortunately Java Web Start has been deprecated starting from Java version 9. Also current Firefox versions do not support Java anymore.

This makes accessing server remote boards increasingly difficult with current browsers. To make life a little easier, and by the help of Docker, we can still use an old Java version supporting Java Web Start together with an old browser version of Firefox to access Java based server remote boards.

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