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Running the Blocky ad-blocking dns-proxy in Kubernetes

21.04.2022 | Johannes Kastl in howto

Blocky is a dns-proxy capable of blocking undesired content, i.e. ads or malware. It supports blocklist-based filtering, supports new DNS protocols like DoH (DNS-over-HTTPS) or DoT (DNS over TLS) and a gazillion of other features. It is being provided as a docker image, and while docker is a fascinating piece of software, who choses to run things in plain Docker when you can do so in Kubernetes? While not everyone might be running Kubernetes at home, with k3s this is really easy. And it uses the same Kubernetes resources you see in data centers and edge locations and windparks and cars and whatnot.

This article will describe how to setup Blocky within your Kubernetes cluster, how to make it available from the outside and how to start using it. The configuration of Blocky itself is explained in full details in the project’s documentation, and as the installation inside Kubernetes uses the same configuration file, all of it applies also to instances within Kubernetes.

Let’s get started, shall we?

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